How to Make Your Children Obey

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Did you know one of the most frustrating things for a parent is having a child who just does not obey or listen?

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself at home. It’s really tough to make our children obey nowadays, especially with a lot of ‘outside’ influences coming into our children’s lives.

They’re simply exposed to too many things. TV, Internet, peers at school, just to name a few.

What I feel important is that as a parent, you should start from TODAY, and slowly make your children obey you more and more.

I’m going to give you 3 very important things that you should always, always keep in mind if so that your child to obey your instructions.

You’re The Parent

It is very common that parents themselves forgot that they are the person of authority. You need to make your children understand (from a very young age) that you’re the authority figure and whatever you say goes and there should not be any objections and arguments from them.

Make it clear to them that disobeying and any objections is not an option. I’m very sure if you start raising your children this way from young, they’ll automatically obey your instructions and order in the future.

That’s because your style of parenting is already embedded in them since day 1!

Don’t Yell At Them

I’ve said this many time over and over, and I shall say it again. What does it means you you yell?

How does your children interpret the situation when you start yelling at them?

It simply means you’re losing control! The immediate consequence is that your children will know they’re in a ‘advantage’ position and has taken control of the situation from you. Now, I’m sure that is something that you wouldn’t want. Try your best to remain calm and yet firm and talking and disciplining your children.

Remember, don’t yell.

Remember The Consequences

You need to let your children know the consequences of not obeying your orders and instructions. Don’t try to do it deliberately as you might end up sounding more like threatening them rather than letting the message go across.

Let them know what are the consequences of disobeying, stealing, lying, misbehaving, etc. You can discipine your children by teaching them from young that if they don’t obey, it will lead to tougher disciplinary actions from you.

Remember, always keep these 3 things in mind when you are teaching or disciplining your children.

Happy Child Guide

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sunny 07.15.08 at 9:25 am

it is really very i,nteresting tolearn good parenting.appreciazte it a lot.

Dominick Sciortino 05.31.10 at 12:15 am

I am a grandpa. I think the responsibility of the parents is once the child is being disruptive. You must take control. Forgget about your job. Stay home wth your child until she or he is ready to go to school. Not pre-k, and pre-pre-k. Stay home and wwork on their behavior until they are ready to goto school at the age of 6. The doctors are as much to blame. The doctors want the children to be off the bottle by the time the children are 1 . Let the children be babies for a couplle of years. The nurseries stipulate the cannot have bottles, and they must be walking before the nursery can accept them. Let the babies be babies. Thank you. A 5 day a week baby-sitter for my grandbabies (3).

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