How to Show Your Daughter How Much You Love Her

by Jamie Sullivan · 3 comments

Happy Child Guide

Raising a daughter is a delight, a treasure full of surprise and potential. Daughters are sweet, curious and complex. Just being around a daughter keeps a parent young at heart and inspired. There’s excitement in the house. There’s nothing as important as keeping her safe, loving her well, educating her and having fun together.

Here are some ideas.

STEP 1 - Give your daughter a cheer up gift after a really bad day.

STEP 2 – Keep a reading lamp by her bed and buy her books. Allow her to listen to age appropriate books on tape as she falls asleep.

STEP 3 – Go for a walk together and point out all the wonderful things that catch your eye. Splash in puddles. Twirl in the rain.

STEP 4 - Teach her to knit a sweater, to cook her favorite meals, to use a hammer, to ride a bike and change a tire. Give her an allowance and teach her to manage money. Let her teach you.

STEP 5 - Tell her how beautiful she is so that she will like what she sees when she looks at her image in the mirror.

STEP 6 - Take her to a flower show and buy her a big bouquet of flowers. Buy a package of sunflower seeds and plant them in the garden.

STEP 7 - Buy her a really good bathing suit, one that looks good on her body, and take her swimming often.

STEP 8 - Tell her, “Dream Big.” Tell her, “You can make it happen.” Tell her, “I believe in you.”

STEP 9 - When it’s appropriate, give her sound dating advice. Encourage her to demand respect from boys and men. Be a role model of self-respect.

STEP 10 – Smile when she walks into the room. Laugh at her jokes. Be good-natured.

Happy Child Guide

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Renee Amonkar 06.12.09 at 1:03 am

I liked the little notes and short steps on managing our children
OIts easy to remember

tracey 12.22.10 at 9:56 am

i am going to try starting today……thanks

Jatkaur 05.23.11 at 1:00 pm

thanx for the simple tips which are not hard to follow. I have already some of them in action and the rest i’ll start working on it…Thanx a lot again for the useful tips

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