How to Teach A Child Anger Management

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As a parent, how do you react when you’re in a difficult situation with your child?

One of them is crying. Another is screaming on your left ear. Your spouse is yelling on your right ear.

What will you do? 

What’s your next step?

Here are a few methods you can try to use if you found yourself caught in between these situations.

Stay calm.

Your child will need your help to cope with the feelings and frustrations whenever he or she is angry. As a parent, don’t get angry at your child for being upset.

When children are mad and out of sorts, it’s a challenge not to get angry ourselves as a parent. Never be intimidated by the situation. Relax, take a deep breath and think wisely.

If you get angry too, then it will create even more confusion not only for you and your child, but also anyone who’s watching what’s happening.

Accept angry feelings as natural.

As a parent, understanding that your child is upset, frustrated, or simply mad is the first step to a productive solution. Many parents have trouble expressing even their own anger. And when the child is angry, the parent’s confusion gets mixed in.

Then instead of feeling mad and getting over it, the commotion stretches out. That’s indirectly saying that trouble is looming.

Put words on the feelings.

Anger is a call for help. Whenever the children are angry, they need you to set limits for their behavior while also understanding the feelings that are causing the uproar.

Again, you must never, never get angry when your children are angry. That just makes things even worse!

Teach them about angry feelings and boundaries.

Make your children realize the limits they can go whenever they feel angry. Talk to them what they can do and what they cannot do when they’re angry.

Say something like: “It’s okay to feel mad, but it is not okay to punch your brother.” or “It’s natural to be upset, but it is not okay to throw your books.

You can find more detailed information about how to teach yourself and your child about anger management in my guide, Child Anger Revealed which is available at .

Happy Child Guide

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